Weekly Announcements

Announcements for the week of January 18th, 2023 include:

Good Day T-birds!

Breakfast & Lunch is available in the cafeteria to all students, although lunch is not free to all students this year, unless they qualify. Students are able to pre-pay for their lunch by adding money to their student account in the lunchroom. All parents/guardians are encouraged to fill out the Free and reduced lunch forms and return them with your students before the end of August.

Door Dash and other delivery services will also be turned away, and a referral may be given for the student that ordered the service.



Door Dash and other food delivery companies will be turned away and you will receive a referral for not following school policy.

MHS is a Nut-Free campus. Please remind your student not to bring any peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches, or anything with nuts to school.

Additional Student Announcements include:

School Uniform shirts are mandatory and all shorts must have a 6-inch inseam and skirt length must be equivalent to a 6-inch inseam or longer. If you are not wearing a school shirt, or are out of dress code, a parent/guardian will be called to bring you proper attire and you will receive a referral.

The weather is starting to get a little cooler, so please remember the definition of outerwear. Outerwear is a true outdoor sweater or jacket that can be removed. All students are required to have their uniform shirts on under the outerwear. Our local vendors do sell the long sleeve versions including your favorite T-bird hoodies of all uniforms. We highly recommend those.

Flex Fridays - there may be some confusion about Flex Fridays. For the remainder of this year we will be having Flex Friday each month. It is important that students struggling in any subject, who may have missed an exam, who need help completing makeup work, who have attendance issues, or who just love our enrichment exercises attend.

Yearbook Club is meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays in C112 with Ms. Hammon to begin building the Yearbook. Anyone wanting to help create the 22-23 MHS Yearbook is welcome. We will be needing photographers to attend events and take photos. Please email Ms. Hammon if you need more information.

Any students wanting to meet with MCC, ask them questions, or get help on the admissions process: our rep is here every Monday. Sign up in the counseling office to meet with her.

Tutoring services are being held after school each day in the 21CC lab in the E-wing. If your student is struggling in a class, help is available. In addition, we offer a variety of enrichment activities.

Ceramics Club members. Our meeting days are Mondays and Wednesdays. You are welcome to come in during enrichment on Flex Fridays too!

Students CRUHSD is starting a contest, if you follow and write a positive comment on any of the district social media pages; you are entered into the contest for a chance to win a free pizza! We greatly appreciate your support as part of the CRUHSD Team!"

SENIORS fees need to be paid by May 1st or you will be ineligible to walk. Please see Ms. Jeffery or the Front Office to pay.

Senior class is selling embroidered crew necks for $25. Pre-sales are in front of E wing at lunch.

Any seniors or juniors wanting to participate in the GCU Campus Visit, please see guidance for more information and permission slips.

Attention all 10th and 11th grade students with a 3.25 grade average or higher. You are eligible to apply for the National Honor Society. Please stop by Mr. Evins room in E-103 for the google classroom code to apply. Deadline for applicants is March 1st, 2023.


Spring Sports are about to begin. Please stop by the Athletics office to get your clearance card.

You must have a current RegisterMyAthlete.com profile with all 6 pages of the physical, and front/back of athletes insurance card uploaded to the 2022-23 profile. If you have any questions, please stop by the Athletics' office.

Athletic fees are due NOW. Please contact Ms. Jeffery in our main office. She will help you process your fees.

To purchase tickets in advance, online for upcoming games, visit Eventbrite.

For more information on Dress Standards and other policies, please visit the Parent/Student Information page of this website to view the Student Handbook.

Remember “It's Always A Great Day To Be A T-Bird”

Students can not have more than 8 unexcused or parent excused absences in a class, or 4 tardies, or you will lose credit for that class. Every student starts with 1 excused tardy, then after that, you will be assigned to after school lab, detention, or Flex Friday to make up for the lost classroom time.

Parents, please be mindful of your child’s social media pages. There are several pages that show other students' faces, without their permission. It can be considered cyberbullying, and a felony if taken in a private setting. Please be aware of what your child is posting on these social media Mohave accounts that have been created.

As a reminder, due to liabilities, skateboards are not permitted on school grounds. If your student is on campus skateboarding, the office will confiscate the skateboard and a parent or guardian will need to pick it up.

Additionally, as a reminder, Mohave is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to be on campus without a staff member present.

Check out the "Senior News" section of our website for upcoming senior student events.

For information on sports/athletics, please see the "Athletics" page for a full schedule of all sports.