Weekly Announcements

School resumes July 27, 2022

for all students.

Announcements for the week of August 8, 2022 include:

Thank you for another great week. I hope you enjoyed the rain.

It was an eventful week, our counseling department ran our first T-bird class meetings. I was able to attend two of them. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the junior and senior meetings this time around, but I look forward to the next ones.

Procedures for upcoming events were reviewed. The first is Spirit Days. Our first spirit day is coming Thursday August 11. This date is also OPEN HOUSE. The day will begin with students showing their student spirit and pride in all things T-bird. Service shirts, Club shirts, college shirts, class shirts, and team shirts are allowed. Spirit days are awarded by administration, and governed by the student council. Please make sure you are wearing your uniforms Monday thru Thursday. Spirit days and spirit shirts will be scheduled for Thursdays.

Open House is August 11th. Parents/guardians come meet the teachers, we will also host a variety of resources and support booths. Open House begins at 4:30pm - 6:30 pm. We are looking forward to meeting each of you.

Following Open House staff, students, and their families are invited to the football field at 6:30pm until sunset at our T-bird Kickoff. Students will be treated to a barbecue, games on the field, board games off the field, and a traditional sunset appreciation. For more information, see the flier on MHS’s webpage and/or our social media page.

Parents/guardians thank you so much for your patience during student drop off in the mornings. We have been watching the clock, and we want to do better. We are going to start a two-by-two drop off. In order for this to work, we will also direct you to one of our two exits. The first is HWY 95, please stay alert as some of our student drivers come in through the front gate.

Line two will be directed toward our south exit. Please watch for students crossing. When you pass through the exit you have two options, take a right toward Train Road, and then to Hancock. OR you may take a left toward Marina. We are hoping to cut your wait times.

Again we appreciate you for not using handicap parking spaces as U Turns. We have students that are being dropped off and escorted to classes, the need to use those spaces safely.

Student & Staff drivers parking pass applications are available. Bring with you a copy of your registration, and your drivers’ license. Parent/Guardian signatures are required: You must obey the parking lot speed limits…SLOW DOWN! When you exit your cars, get to a sidewalk quickly. Please be safe.

Friendly Reminder!

September 9th is being changed to a flex Friday and the Staff training day is being moved to September 16th. Students please remind your parents/guardians of the calendar change.

Breakfast & Lunch is available in the cafeteria to all students, although lunch is not free to all students this year, unless they qualify. Students are able to pre-pay for their lunch by adding money to their student account in the lunchroom. All parents/guardians are encouraged to fill out the Free and reduced lunch forms and return them with your students before the end of August.

MHS is a Nut-Free campus. Please remind your student not to bring any peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches, or anything with nuts to school. Visit our webpage for more information.

More Student Announcements include:

Will you have 4 Fine Arts credits by the time you graduate? The Honors Fine Arts Club will be meeting on Tuesdays in C112 from 4-5pm. We will be covering Fine Arts Seal requirements, creating portfolios, and supporting students who have excelled at any Fine Arts area. Stop by today, or any Tuesday. Email Ms. Hammon if you have questions.

Want to try Ceramics without taking the class? Already love Ceramics and want to be a part of organizing events? Stop by the Ceramics Club in C112 Monday August 8 from 4-5pm. We will be selecting officers and identifying activities for the upcoming year.

Students please remember that lunch can ONLY be dropped off by a parent/guardian. If they are not on the list that your parent/guardian has provided during the registration process, attendance will send them away.

School Uniform shirts are mandatory and all shorts must have a 6-inch inseam and skirt length must be equivalent to a 6-inch inseam or longer (even if leggings are being worn). If you are not wearing a school shirt, or are out of dress code, a parent/guardian will be called to bring you proper attire and you will receive a referral.

Schedule changes are now being accepted. Any turned in after August 11th will not be accepted. Please make sure your form is filled out completely and has your name on it. You can pick them up and turn them in between the counseling area.

Students: Want to get on stage to make an audience laugh so hard they cry? Auditions for the fall play, Puffs, will be held in the auditorium after school Wednesday August 10th, and Thursday August 11th from 4:30 to 6:30. No experience needed. Come on out!

All fall sports begin tomorrow.

Any students wanting to participate in sports on campus must have a completed 2022-23 “RegisterMyAthlete” profile on file with current physical and insurance card uploaded. Please see the athletics department to get your clearance cards before tryouts.

Volleyball tryouts are being held from August 8 to August 11 in MHS’s old gym from 4-6pm.

The MHS football team is now selling Community discount cards. Help support our team by purchasing one from a player.

If you would like to purchase a Student Activity Pass for your student's ID, please send $40.00 with them. We will be making ID's beginning the week of August 15th. If they want to add an Activity Pass after their ID has already been issued, it will cost an additional $3.00 to have a new ID made.

For more information on Dress Standards and other policies, please visit the Parent/Student Information page of this website to view the Student Handbook.

Remember “It's Always A Great Day To Be A T-Bird”

Students can not have more than 8 unexcused or parent excused absences in a class, or 4 tardies, or you will lose credit for that class. Every student starts with 1 excused tardy, then after that, you will be assigned to after school lab, detention, or Flex Friday to make up for the lost classroom time.

Parents, please be mindful of your child’s social media pages. There are several pages that show other students' faces, without their permission. It can be considered cyberbullying, and a felony if taken in a private setting. Please be aware of what your child is posting on these social media Mohave accounts that have been created.

As a reminder, due to liabilities, skateboards are not permitted on school grounds. If your student is on campus skateboarding, the office will confiscate the skateboard and a parent or guardian will need to pick it up.

Additionally, as a reminder, Mohave is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to be on campus without a staff member present.

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Check out the "Senior News" section of our website for upcoming senior student events.

For information on sports/athletics, please see the "Athletics" page for a full schedule of all sports.