Weekly Announcements

Parents, students, and staff these are your weekly announcements for the week of May 9th-May 14th.

Graduation practice is Friday, May 13th from 10:30am through 12:00pm. Be on time, this practice is mandatory to be able to graduate, per AZ state requirements.

GRADUATION is May 14th at 6:00pm at the fieldhouse. Students will get their tickets at graduation practice for preferential seating. You are permitted to bring in small bouquets of flowers but no balloons or noise makers.

Parents, we are in need of help picking up the floors from graduation on May 16th. Please be at the fieldhouse at 8 am to help.

MHS Band Color Guard will be performing 7:40-8:45am in the Auditorium. This is just for band and guard classes and it's for their final exam. Parents of these students are welcome to attend.

Lastly, as a reminder, School shirts are mandatory and all shorts must have a 6" inseam. If your child is not wearing a school shirt, or is out of dress code, a parent or guardian will be called to bring them clothes and the student will receive a referral.

If you have borrowed any loaner shorts this year, please return them to Ms. Moore, VP Secretary.

As a reminder, skateboards are not permitted on school grounds. If your student is on campus skateboarding, the office will confiscate the skateboard and a parent or guardian will need to pick it up.

Additionally, as a reminder, Mohave is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to be on campus without a staff member present.


See the home page for details.

Join us every Monday, in April and May in the College and Career Center of Mohave’s Administrative office, from 6:00-7:00pm, for Operation Prevention classes that cover opioid and drug abuse in youth.

Parents will learn to recognize signs of addiction and drug abuse in adolescents and how to keep your children safe.

SUMMER SCHOOL is scheduled from May 31 to June 23, 2002

Registration is open now.

Check out the "Senior News" section of our website for upcoming senior student events.

For information on sports/athletics, please see the "Athletics" page for a full schedule of all sports.

Let’s have a great week, and as always: It’s a great day to be a T-Bird.

All 21st Century programs (see list below) and the late bus have resumed.

As a reminder, if you are on campus after school, you must be supervised by a teacher.

Wandering around campus is not permitted.

You are not permitted to leave campus and return, unless you are coming to an athletic event or school sponsored activity where there is a staff member present.

If CRUHSD Academy students need additional help with Math or English, there will be a resource lab available at Mohave High School on Mondays and Thursdays, from 5:00-7:00 pm, in room T-212 (Mr. Regan’s room).

Due to liabilities, students are not permitted to skateboard on campus at any time.

Please see the Bookstore Clerk, during bookstore hours, to pay your class fees or you can pay online.

All fees must be paid to walk at graduation.

Remember, you can not have more than 8 unexcused or parent excused absences in a class, or 4 tardies, or you will lose credit for that class. Every student starts with 1 excused tardy, then after that, you will be assigned to after school lab detention or Flex Friday to make up for the lost classroom time. If you are an athlete or in a school sponsored activity, you can not be late to school the day before or the day after a contest or event or you will not participate.

Please be on time to school. I know we can all agree there is a direct correlation between attendance and academics.

The Dress code uniform policy is being strictly enforced. If your student is out of dress code, or does not have a school shirt on, you will be required to bring one to school for them. Please wear your uniform school shirts. If you have any school shirts, or gym shirts that were borrowed last semester, please return them to the office. Additionally, your outerwear must be school appropriate. Please refrain from wearing any logos that represent inappropriate content.

Parents, please be mindful of your child’s social media pages. There are several pages that show other students' faces, without their permission. It can be considered cyberbullying, and a felony if taken in a private setting. Please be aware of what your child is posting on these social media Mohave accounts that have been created.

The new lunch schedule remains as follows: If you are in T-Wing and Culinary advisory, you will have first lunch at 11:10 then go to advisory. The rest of the campus will have advisory then go to 2nd lunch at 11:40. The buildings will be locked during lunch, students will need to eat in the cafeteria and or around the buildings.

There will be no snacks sold in E-wing and the food vending machines have been removed.

Please bring your lunch or enjoy our cafeteria's lunch.

There will be no advisory switches under any circumstances. As a reminder, you are not allowed to “skip” advisory and go to two lunches. This is considered truancy and counts towards your absences.

You are not permitted to leave the campus for lunch.